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Love this Position ….
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A haiku from the article: Alice Coachman, 90, Dies; Groundbreaking Medalist

Dear Lioness,
I hope you are doing well this week! I came across this poem and thought it was a perfect way to describe an experience I would love to have someday. I haven’t yet shared my life with someone else so intimately as this poem describes, but I hope that one day I can relate. I am looking forward to the days of waking up with my future wife and watching the sun rise together. But for now, I am watching and waiting for her to come along.
Your skin is softer than the sheets underneath us, and I am so much more fond of the feeling. 
Life can be as simple as waking up in the morning, smiling with you all day, then the sun setting.
Let’s let beautiful, gentle kisses of expressed love maybe grow into something more, but still so softly. 
I have seen the sun rise and set many times here  with you, but I will always think that you are much  more beautiful. 
If I never moved from this one spot, if I spent my entire life lying here with you, my life would be beyond complete.
-Christopher Poindexter

What a lovely glimpse at intimacy. We all want to be wanted - but to be in a relationship bound by these types of thoughts and desires, to know that simple existing next to someone would be enough - that’s partnership. That is the intimacy we sell ourselves for. 
Looks like your Pussy when I get You All Worked Up Princess !!!
Swollen Lips and Clitoris for me to Lick …

"Frank [Thomas] always wanted to be the man. Frank wasn’t afraid of being great. He was a kind of a guy that would look at the numbers all the time, he always wanted to be the best hitter and he wanted to beat everybody and get the most home runs. So the numbers turned him on, and a lot of people took that the wrong way. They thought of it as a negative thing. I thought it was a positive thing."

- Walt Hriniak, White Sox hitting coach 1989-95 (via mightyflynn)



Because Anon asked so nicely.(Ignore The Joker video-bombing…)

Sometimes fucking fully dressed can be sexy as hell.

Oh Yea … Just Hike that Skirt Up and Make Love !!!
Slip her Panties Down and Eat her Pussy ….


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My Lady Always Cums First !!

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Awesome Girl … 
In Another World !! Muah …


Some of the most memorable life stories do not involve the powerful or famous, rather they uncover the lives of regular people in extraordinary circumstances. They can inspire us, humble us, make us laugh or make us cry. Here is a selection of memoirs that will stay with you long after you finish them.

Mitch Albom - So Sensitive to ALL of LIFE !!!

blue streak by (Elaine Catling)